3 Expert Tips for Fragrance Layering

3 Expert Tips for Fragrance Layering

Commodity fragrances are artisanally-crafted to be unique, standalone scents,
but there’s always room for layering.
Layering gives a space for creativity, for a signature touch, for inventing something new.
If you’re new to layering, you’ll want to start with the foundations, in Part 1. 
For Part 2, we’re sharing the three most important tips so that you can layer with confidence. 

Tip #1: Establish a Go-To
If you’re new to layering, Paper Expressive will be your go-to. The cult-favorite scent spotlights Iso E Super, which will uniquely play off your skin’s natural scent. Just apply one part of Paper Expressive on top of any of your favorite fragrances to give it your own signature twist.

Tip #2: Make a Mistake
Fragrance layering is all about playing and discovering what you like—and what you don’t like. If there are two scents you love separately, consider trying them together. If one is more dominant than the other, consider adding an extra spray of the milder scent. There’s no right or wrong way to do things, so feel free to make a mistake.

Tip #3: Dial Up a Note
Arguably the best part of Commodity is Scent Space. Not only does it remove the guesswork when it comes to the projection of your fragrance, but it also makes layering easy. All three Scent Space versions of a fragrance share the same key notes, which enables them to seamlessly blend together.
If you know and love Vanilla, you can easily blend a Vanilla-forward cocktail by layering the three versions of Gold. Want to make the combination a bit more fresh? Add a spray of Bergamot.

Want to become an expert on the role each note plays in a fragrance? Check out our NoteBook: a glossary that breaks down each of our fragrance notes and where you can find it. We’re talking Iso E Super, Vetiver, Neroli, Musk–really getting acquainted with your tastes and preferences so that you can string together your ideal scent.

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