Fragrance Layering Explained: Why, How and Where

Fragrance Layering Explained: Why, How and Where

Commodity fragrances are artisanally-crafted to be unique, standalone scents,but there’s always room for layering. 

For those who are new to fragrance and layering, this can sound foreign or intimidating. So, we’ve answered the three most common questions:
Why Layer?
While every fragrance will inherently smell different on every person due to their unique skin chemistry, layering opens up a new space for creativity, for a signature touch, for inventing something new. And it’s as simple as layering two fragrances you already own and love.

How to Layer?
When bringing a new fragrance into the mix, it’s important to start with the heaviest scent before moving on to the progressively lighter scents. This will ensure all the layered fragrance notes have a chance to come through. 
The warmest, darkest scents are the heaviest, while the brightest, freshest ones are the lightest. 

Where to Layer?
Always remember to spray your fragrance on your pulse points: the sides of the neck, both of the wrists and the inner elbows. These spots will make your fragrance radiate, and given the varied locations, these spots will also create dimension in your layers.
Consider spraying the scent you’d want to smell most often on your wrists. This way every time you wave your hand or shake someone else’s, you’ll continually get new wafts. The sides of your neck, meanwhile, are points you’ll be less likely to experience throughout the day, but rather areas that’ll be experienced by others if they come in for a kiss or a hug. Use these points for your second fragrance as an extra surprise when someone comes in close.

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