Ketrin Leka

Ketrin Leka

Growing up in Albania, Ketrin indulged in scent every chance she got. Her most cherished childhood memories are fragrance-filled: the mimosa-lined streets of her hometown, the rose-scented lemonade her grandmother would make during the summer, her family's balcony filled with geraniums and carnations. Her love of scent brought her to New York City 20 years ago where she discovered the professional world of perfumery.

Today, Ketrin finds olfactive inspiration in her love of photography and how visual storytelling translates to scent. She can look at a photo and immediately start imagining a fragrance that's shaped by the details of the image. To her, a photo worth capturing is one that conveys a range of rich emotions. Ketrin approaches her fragrance creations the same way. It's these emotions that make a fragrance beautiful, unique and memorable.

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