• Frank Voelkl

    From his earliest years, Frank Voelkl has been sensitive to the olfactive world around him...
  • Jerome Epinette

    As a child growing up in the beautiful countryside of Burgundy, France...
  • Mathieu Nardin

    A native of Grasse, France, Mathieu grew up in a perfumers' family...
  • Caroline Sabas

    Caroline grew up in Grasse, France – the capital of perfumery – but her love affair with fragrance really began when she first stepped into the perfumer’s lab as a teenager.
  • Stephen Nilsen

    It’s not every day you meet a dreamer and a scientist.


  • Guillaume Flavigny

    When he was young and living in his native France, Guillaume often wondered why schools did not teach children about the “alphabet” of fragrance, given the country’s rich perfume heritage.
  • Rodrigo Flores-Roux

    One word describes Rodrigo Flores-Roux and his approach to perfumery and life in general: passion! He believes...
  • Olivia Jan

    Olivia fine tuned her craft at Chanel and soon moved on to study in Grasse, France. Olivia's passion for fragrance, food and the world around her shows in every bit of her creations.

  • Donna Ramanauskas

    Donna Ramanauskas has been surrounded with creativity her entire life. She was inspired by her father's lifelong career as a perfumer and her own passion for art since early childhood, which led her to the School of Visual Arts...
  • Ketrin Leka

    Ketrin finds olfactive inspiration in her love of photography and how visual storytelling translates to scent. She can look at a photo and immediately start imagining a fragrance that's shaped by the details of the image.