4 Things You Need To Know About Skin Scents

4 Things You Need To Know About Skin Scents
On TikTok it’s been coined the #CleanGirlAesthetic. In articles, it’s been called “pheromone-like perfume.” In reality, they’re just subtle and intimate scents that smell like you, but better.

What makes a fragrance a skin scent?
A fragrance is considered a skin scent when it doesn’t impose its scent on you, but rather plays off your skin’s natural scent. It’s a fragrance that lays close to the skin, and feels subtle, comforting, and minimalist—where less really is more.

What’s the fuss?

Because of their warm, intimate and alluring nature, skin scents are effortlessly sexy and ultimately draw you—and the ones you allow closer—in for more.

What are typical notes in skin scents?

Skin scents are able to lay close to your skin thanks to the infusion of ethereal, molecular notes like Iso E Super and Skin Musk:

Iso E Super

Despite its complex name, you won't actually smell much of anything if you hold a bottle of pure Iso E Super up to your nose—especially at initial spray. The woodsy-scented molecule was created to develop on the skin, while other notes tend to naturally dissipate. It also plays off the wearer’s skin chemistry for a one-of-a-kind scent experience. We love this note because it inherently makes each fragrance even more unique.
Skin Musk
Skin Musk is an accord of molecules and synthetic musks that includes Iso E Super. It’s sweet, dry and woody. Skin Musk is meant to smell like you (but better). The note lays like a second skin, keeping your scent close and balancing out other notes.
How can I try them?
The Personal Scent Space Discovery Kit features our full collection of must-try skin scents:

 Personal Kit

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