3 Ways to Sample Commodity in 2023

3 Ways to Sample Commodity in 2023
Sampling has always been a key pillar of ours because, especially when it comes to fragrance, you never know unless you try. So, aside from our Discovery Kits, we’ve partnered with three major players in the sampling arena to get our fragrances into even more hands. Two of these partners are subscription box services. 
For those of you who are new to subscription boxes, here’s a quick rundown: these are thoughtfully curated boxes that are mailed to you on a select cadence throughout the year, each filled with new goodies for you to discover at home. Better yet, with all the day-to-days that go by between each box, each delivery comes as a special surprise that you keep forgetting about. Like a gift from past you to future you: I’m welcome.
Our 2023 Partners:
  1. FabFitFun
Product(s): Gold Expressive 30ml
Gold Expressive 30ml
Timing: Spring 2023
Location: US
Members receive a quarterly delivery of 6-8 full-size products that have been specially curated based on their preferences and the season. Come Spring, one of these products will be our very own Gold Expressive 30ml—a FabFitFun-exclusive size retailing for $70.  Considering these boxes range from $54.99 to $59.99 depending on your plan, our one $70 product will already bring you more value than the box costs!
  1. Sephora

Products: Milk Expressive 2mlPaper- Personal 2ml, and Gold Expressive 2ml



Timings: January and July 2023
Location: US
You’ve seen the store, you’ve probably shopped the products, but have you tried the sample boxes? Every season Sephora curates 3-4 themed-boxes filled with samples of their favorite scents for you to buy and try. Boxed kits are available online and in store–no subscription required. Plus, each kit includes a certificate to redeem a travel or full-size of your favorite fragrance, depending on the set, at no extra cost. In 2023, Commodity will be featured in three of these boxes: one in January and two in July.

  1. Outfittery

Products: Milk Expressive 2ml, Gold Expressive 2ml, Book Expressive 2ml, Paper Expressive 2ml, Moss+ Bold 2mlMilk Expressive

Book Expressive



Timing: Spring 2023
Location: Germany
The personal styling service delivers on-demand, stylist-curated boxes with items tailored to your size, style, budget, category-preferences, and the season. Whatever you like, you pay to keep at regular retail prices, so the expert stylist advice comes free. This Spring, we’ll be sending samples of 5 different fragrances to subscribers throughout Germany—all to keep as a complimentary gift.


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