Scent Space: How It Works

Scent Space: How It Works
 Have you ever smelled pure incense? It’s so powerfully potent, it fills the entire room. Jasmine flowers, on the other hand, have you leaning in close to smell their sweet scent.
This difference is the foundation of Scent Space: adding different notes to play with projection.
We always start with the middle ground: Expressive. Formulated first and filled with notes that are distinct, but balanced—these are scents that those nearby can smell.
For the Personal, we add ethereal, molecular notes like Iso E Super or Skin Musk, which form a veil around the scent and wrap it close to the skin. A skin scent that requires others to lean in close to smell.
For the Bold, we infuse powerful, amplified notes like Patchouli or Labdanum. These notes transform the scent into powerhouse room rockers that’ll turn the heads of everyone in the room.
The result of adding new notes means you get 3 unique interpretations and projections of each scent. For you to select your fragrance and enjoy the luxury of controlling its projection.
Note: None of the Scent Spaces are created by changing the perfume oil concentration level, such as an EDT for Personal and a Parfum for Bold. All of our fragrances have similar concentration levels regardless of their Scent Space. Read more here.

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